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Topics, Activities and Celebrations

 Key Topic's We Cover
As well as individual planning and the Early Years Foundation Stage.

* Numbers, Letters and Colours.

* The sense's - Explorating and discovering sight, smell, touch, taste and sound.

* Me, Myself and I - Why am I special? Who am I?

* Animals - Where they live and what they eat.

* Gardening - Where food comes from (Healthy Eating).

* Going places and getting there (Places and Transport)

* Lets get physical - The importance of exersize and the effects of food on the body.

* Saying no! - (Stranger Danger and Choices) What it means and when is NO appropriate.

* All around the world - Countries and their people, food, clothing and life styles.

* People who help us - (Stranger Danger).

* My Community -  Local Places and people.

* Feelings and Relationships.

This encourages a good all round knowledge which will help the children in their lives both now and in the future.

I encourage all children to have positive self image, self worth and a strong independence.
All children who are able to do so are encouraged to put their empty plates/ cups and cutlery in the sink, place their own coats on their individual pegs and pictures in their drawers. This encouages an understanding into 'housekeeping' which will be beneficial in years to come.

I also encourage celebrations of other cultures such as chinese new year, diwali, Holi ect this encourages a sense of diversity for the children which will also be important through out their lives.



Childminding Vacancies!

 My aim is to provide a fun, secure and happy environment. For all the children within my care to recieve the best care and have the chance to gain new experiences. For every child to be treated fairly and as individuals. I encourage this by allowing children to make their own choices with guidence and help if needed.

I currently have several childminding vacancies.

 Contact me now to book in a viewing where you will be able to view the following;

* My setting                                                              
* My facilities 
* My resorces,
* My policies and Procedure

Any Questions Please Ask I Am Happy To Help.



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