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Topics, Activities and Celebrations

 Key Topic's We Cover
As well as individual planning and the Early Years Foundation Stage.

* Numbers, Letters and Colours.

* The sense's - Explorating and discovering sight, smell, touch, taste and sound.

* Me, Myself and I - Why am I special? Who am I?

* Animals - Where they live and what they eat.

* Gardening - Where food comes from (Healthy Eating).

* Going places and getting there (Places and Transport)

* Lets get physical - The importance of exersize and the effects of food on the body.

* Saying no! - (Stranger Danger and Choices) What it means and when is NO appropriate.

* All around the world - Countries and their people, food, clothing and life styles.

* People who help us - (Stranger Danger).

* My Community -  Local Places and people.

* Feelings and Relationships.

This encourages a good all round knowledge which will help the children in their lives both now and in the future.

I encourage all children to have positive self image, self worth and a strong independence.
All children who are able to do so are encouraged to put their empty plates/ cups and cutlery in the sink, place their own coats on their individual pegs and pictures in their drawers. This encouages an understanding into 'housekeeping' which will be beneficial in years to come.

I also encourage celebrations of other cultures such as chinese new year, diwali, Holi ect this encourages a sense of diversity for the children which will also be important through out their lives.



Childminding Vacancies!

 My aim is to provide a fun, secure and happy environment. For all the children within my care to recieve the best care and have the chance to gain new experiences. For every child to be treated fairly and as individuals. I encourage this by allowing children to make their own choices with guidence and help if needed.

I currently have several childminding vacancies.

 Contact me now to book in a viewing where you will be able to view the following;

* My setting                                                              
* My facilities 
* My resorces,
* My policies and Procedure

Any Questions Please Ask I Am Happy To Help.



Upcoming Events

Recent Photos

                         Availability and Fee's

Current and up and coming Availability

Under 5's
Monday- None
Tuesday- None
Wednesday- None
Thursday- x2 spaces
Friday- x2 spaces

Monday- x1 Space
Tuesday- x1 Space
Wednesday- x1 Space
Thursday- x2 Spaces
Friday- x2 Spaces

Up and Coming
September 2014
Under 5's- 1 space Monday and Friday.
As the space is not available until September no retainer will be charged to reserve the space now.

5-8- Please ask about availability.
8+ Please ask about availability.

School pick ups and drop offs
Bridge Farm Primary

Up and Coming
September 2016
Under 5's- Monday- 1 space (Available September 2016)
               Tuesday- 1 space (Available September 2016)
               Wednesday- 2 spaces (Available July and September 2016)
               Thursday- 2 Spaces (Available July and September 2016)
                Friday- 1 space (Available July 2016)
No reservation fee will be taken on the above spaces if reserved before July 2016.

5-8- No Availability.
8+ Please ask about availability.

School pick ups and drop offs
Bridge Farm Primary 


Our normal child minding hours are 7.30am till 6.00pm Monday to Friday however if you need later hours we may be able to accommodate them so please ask us about doing so. We aim to provide a flexible service which works well for both us and the parents using our service.

Hours and Fee's
We are open all year round
(All year round or term time only)

7.30am till 6.30pm Children aged 0-5 (Min 5 hours) £4.50 per hour
7.30am till 6.30pm Children aged 0-5 (less than 5 hours) £5.00 per hour
7.30am till 6.30pm  Children aged 5+  £5.00 per hour

7.30am Till 9.00am
Children 5+ £10 Set fee
3pm Till 6.00pm   Children 5+ £15 Set fee
Additional hours and Hours in the school holidays     £5 per hour

Free Early Eduaction Entitlement
We can offer the FEEE to children aged 3 and 4 years old.
We can offer 15 hours term time only
12 hours all year round.
This is a maximum of 6 hours per day.

If your child attends only the funded sessions you will need to pay £2.00 for lunch or provide a packed lunch.
If your child attends paying hours as well as funded sessions, one of your paying hours will be used between 12 & 1pm to cover lunch making lunch inclusive.

FEEE wrap around
We are happy to offer wrap around care for you child. However because we will need to drop off your child and/or pick them up, and your child will be taking up a early years space making the space unfillable, you will be charged whilst your child is at pre-school. This will also mean that should nursery/pre-school be closed for half terms, inset days and strikes if attached to a school. This is to ensure your child's space is not filled and you are able to use it during closures. 

Term time only children
We can offer term time only.
In order to ensure your child's place is kept available for the next term, a retainer of 50% is payable during half terms and summer holidays. You will have the right to send your child in the holidays for the sessions they attend during term time, however you will need to pay the additional 50% to bring it up to the daily cost.

Holiday care
Holiday care will be offered as and when possible. You will be required to fill in an extra sessions form.

Additional days and hours
Additional days and hours need to be agreed at least 24 hours in advance and you will be required to fill in a extra session form. In order to cancel the extra session you will need to give 24 hours notice. Any notice less than 24 hours and the session will still be chargeable.

Additional hour fee's
Under 5 years between 7.30am and 6.30pm   £4.50 per hour
Over 5 years between 7.30am and 6.30pm                            £5.00 per hour
Unsociable hours (before 7.30am and after 6.30pm)  £8.00 per hour
Weekends* £8.00 per hour
Bank holidays £8.00 per hour
Fees are charged by the hourly rate as shown above.

All Fees are Inclusive of meals inc snack, sun cream, beaker, toddler groups, outings and more see q&a for full details.

Holidays and Sickness
Child Sickness Full fee
Child Holiday Full fee

Child minder  
Child minder sickness No fee
Child minder Holiday No fee

We do not work bank holidays and do not charge for them.

* I do not normally work weekends however I may work if a parent needs childcare for more than 3 Hours. 

Please ask for Details

Payment Methods
I accept the following payment methods:
* Bank Transfer
* Cash
* Cheque (Please note that if a parent pays by cheque and it bounces, I will no longer be able to accept cheques as a method of payment from that parent)- Cheques to be paid at least 5 days before fee date to ensure it clears on time.
* Child care vouchers;
I am signed up to
* Fair Care, * Computer Share, * South Gloucestershire Council, *Kiddie care
I am happy to sign up to other voucher schemes if needed.

If you work more than 16 hours a week you may be entitled to help paying your childcare costs.  
To find out if you can claim for childcare costs please check out this link.

Please note on deciding to take a place you will be asked for a £50 Sign up fee.
This fee
* Holds your child's place
* Covers contract and paperwork costs
* Covers up to 10 hours settling in sessions

After the 12 week settling in period this fee will be deducted from your next invoice.
If either party cancels the contract within the 12 week settling in period this £50 fee becomes non refundable.
                                   Vacancies 0-5 years

Add your Child to our Waiting List
I am currently operating a waiting list, If you would like to be added to my waiting list please send me the following information to [email protected] - There is no charge for this and you will receive an email when a space becomes available, you will have first refusal on the space. If I have not heard from you within 14 days of sending you an email, I will assume you no longer need the space and offer it to someone else. However if you could reply letting me know whether you need the space or not that would be great. Tara x

Child's Name:
Child's DOB:
Parents Name (s):
Contact Email:
Contact Phone Number:
Days and Hours needed:
Area (Where the child currently lives):
School (If pick up is needed):

Important Information- Please Read.

If You are going to be late please contact me so I can make appropriate arrangements

Late collection Fees
If you are continuously late in collecting your child not only does this cause an inconvenience to myself as it disrupts the routine but it can also be very upsetting for your child.
I will not charge for a one off late collection but if you are continuously late I will impose a late fee of £5 for every 10mins
If the lateness continues I retain the right to terminate our contract.

Late payments
If I have not received your payment by the last day of the month I will contact you by Message, E-mail or in person about payment. If payment is not received by the 3rd of the next month I will contact you again and add a late fee this will be £5 for every day your payment is late. 
I do not wish for this to happen as I would prefer to have good relationships with all my parents, carers and children.

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