Holiday, Sickness, and Cover


  1. What does my fee include?

    Your fee includes the following;
    * All meals that you child is present for including snack
    * Day trips
    * Toddler groups
    * Transport costs (includes school holiday trips where we will get the bus as part of the experience)
    * Treats when out on trips
    * The costs of producing your childs learning diary (It covers ink, photo printing, glue and the hours I put in after my childminding hours finish)
    * Squash and milk for your child.
    * Upon starting your child will recive a beaker and toothbrush.
    * Suncream
    * Baby wipes (used for accidents, had and face cleaning ect children in nappies are expected to bring their own for nappy changes)
    * Arts and Crafts materials

    Please note that not all children will recieve all of the above such as school age children will not recieve a toothbrush unless they attend during school holidays.

  2. When are my fees due to be paid?

    You will need to pay a deposit and possibly a retainer if you wish to hold a place for more than 4 weeks.

    You will be invoice around 2 weeks into every month and the payment is due by the end of the month.

    A late fee is applied to fees that are late - this applies to everyone unless it had been discussed prior to the dues date.

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Holiday, Sickness, and Cover

  1. Can you help with childcare cover if you are on holiday or sick?

    I have a list of childminders who may be able to accomodate care cover if i am sick or on holiday. Cover is subject to their availability and payment is to be made to the childminder who covers the care on the day prior to child being left.

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Early Education Entitlement

  1. Once my child is 3 when can they access the grant?

    Your child's birthday                                                   Can access funding from
    Between 1st April & 31st August                              From the 1st September
    Between 1st September & 31st December           From the 1st January
    Between 1st January & 31st March                          From the 1st April

  2. What is my child Entitled to?

    All Children are entitled to 15 hours a week over 38 weeks a year.

    You can choose
    * 15 hours per week, Term Time only 
    * 12 hours per week, All year round.

  3. Where can I access the Entitlement

    * Accredited Childminders - Such as myself.
    * Pre- School
    * Children's Centers
    * Private Day Nursery
    * Maintained Nursery School - Schools which have nursery on the school grounds but not in the school.
    * Nursery Class in a primary or Independant School

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