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Inspection date- 16/03/2012

Instection Grade- GOOD

'Close and caring relationships are established with children and the childminder has a good understanding of each child's individual needs. Children make good progress in their learning and development and enjoy a stimulating environment in which to play. Their welfare is promoted effectively and secure procedures are in place to safeguard children. Well established relationships with parents and most other carers enable the good continuity of care for children.'

'The childminder places high importance on the safety of children.'

'Children enjoy a very safe environment in which to play. She sensitively encourages them to be aware of each other's safety such as when toddlers sit close to share toys.' 

'The childminder securely promotes equality and diversity as levels of engagement with parents and carers are well established. This results in a good knowledge of each child's background, clear identification of their care needs and individual preferences. All children are treated as individuals. Consequently, their individual needs are met well.'

'Resources are good, fit for purpose and support children's all round development.'

'All children including babies have easy access to a wide range of resources and are able to exercise plenty of choice. The home is made attractive to children, conducive to learning and play-friendly. Children strongly benefit from the good use of space and the thoughtful presentation of activities.'

'Children settle very well and show a strong sense of security and belonging. They confidently explore resources, test their skills and have good opportunities to exercise choice. They participate in a broad range of quality play and learning opportunities tailored to their individual needs and interests.'

'She is experienced in working with young children and uses her knowledge to effectively plan purposeful play and learning opportunities. Children are motivated and interested in the activities. They explore with confidence and consequently they make good progress in their learning and development.'

'The childminder keeps up a conversation with children during activities to stimulate their responses and to develop their communication. She skilfully sounds and repeats back words to prompt them to think and to speak, sometimes linking this with sign language. (MAKATON)'

'Children are encouraged to freely explore with all their senses. For example babies explore the feel of paint and gloop; and crackle paper. They discover different sounds with musical instruments. They marvel at the coloured swirling liquid in discovery bottles.'

'The childminder uses her good understanding of children's home lives to make their play positive and meaningful. Children learn about nature and the world around them such as through visits out.'

'They learn to count throughout the course of everyday activities and learn about capacity as they pour and fill from containers at the water tray. Overall, children are well equipped with the skills they need for future learning.'

'Young children appear content and settled because their health, physical and dietary requirements are met very well.' 

'Babies are kept clean and comfortable as their nappies are regularly checked. Children make strong progress in their physical development, such as when using the sit on equipment outside. Babies freely explore, climb, crawl and cruise in safety.'

'The childminder is alert and provides simple and positive explanations about being safe. Children benefit from healthy and nutritious home-cooked meals and snacks.'

'Children are responsive and behave well.'

Take from my 2012 Ofsted Report.



 My aim is to provide a fun, secure and happy environment. For all the children within my care to recieve the best care and have the chance to gain new experiences. For every child to be treated fairly and as individuals. I encourage this by allowing children to make their own choices with guidence and help if needed.

I currently have several childminding vacancies.

 Contact me now to book in a viewing where you will be able to view the following;

* My setting                                                              
* My facilities 
* My resorces,
* My policies and Procedure

Any Questions Please Ask I Am Happy To Help.



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First Adventures Childminding.

Established since 2011
Enhanced and Accredited

 Welcome to our website. We hope you find all the information provided on our childminding family useful and helpful in your search for the right childcare for your family.

We are a team of two who strive to offer the best possible homebased childcare.
With parenting experience and over 10 years experience in the childcare sector we have pretty much every thing covered from bumps and bruises to weaning.
We are based in Whitchurch, Bs14. Our setting is based in a 3 bed-roomed house with enclosed garden, a dedicated playroom and for those moving from nappies into pants- A downstairs toilet. We
 offer a safe and secure environment that is happy and stimulating for children of all ages.

We offer childcare for 
6 children under the age of 5, one of these is Tara's almost two year old son.
3 children between 5 and 8 years old, this includes children aged 4 in full time education. Again one of these children is Tara's 4 year old son who attends reception.
Places for over 8's are also available.

We love working with children of all ages as we find it enjoyable and rewarding especially with the 
way children carry out every activity with bundles of enthusiasm and energy.

We welcome all children and their families and try to accommodate all needs and preferences where possible.

We strive to encourage children's imaginations and ensure we can do this by providing lots of open ended resources such as boxes and other materials that have endless uses. Who doesn't love pretending to be a Pirate or on a bus?? We are very creative and outgoing people and enjoy messy play so your child will enjoy lots of activities such as play dough, gloop and painting. We also love being out and about and attend lots of outings, toddler groups and day trips. 

Contact us to arrange a meeting where we will show you around, provide you with a parent pack (all the information you will need in regards to our setting) and answer any questions you may have. 

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